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Our site offers you an incisive guide to Kenya. From her world famous Tourism Destinations, Emerging Investment Opportunities and harnessing of Kenya's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tourist Attractions

From Sibiloi National Park on the shores of Lake Turkana to Maasai Mara on the border with Tanzania. From her sandy white beaches at the Coast to her highlands and snow capped Mt. Kenya on the equator through the Majestic Rift Valley to the elegant Lake Victoria on the Eastern flank, Kenya is dotted with free roaming wildlife and unique flora and Fauna that makes her the top worldwide tourism destination

County Profiles

Kenya is divided into 47 devolved units which seek to bring government services and development closer to the people. We have profiled each county's; Geographical Location, Administrative Headquarters, Size in area, Population, Education, Communication facilities, Health facilities, Climate, Financial services, Economic activities, Tourist Attractions, Investment Opportunities and the Leadership.

Investment Opportunities

Immense investment opportunities are available in Kenya. Through its blueprint 'Vision 2030' which aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country by 2030, we showcase the numerous investment opportunities in Tourism, The LAPPSET Corridor, Energy Sector, Agriculture, Mining, Real Estate and Construction as well as Financial and Services sectors.

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How to exlore Kenya

We provide you with fun and exciting ways to explore and enjoy what mother nature has endowed to Kenya
Where to go

Where to go

Tourist attractions

We showcase the different tourist attractions in each County for you to sample and enjoy

What to do

What to do

Fun Activities

From deep sea diving, snorkelling to airdiving in Malindi to hot air ballons i nthe Tsavo to Bunjee jumping and white water rafting in Sagana and mountain climbing and hiking, many fun activities await you

How to Get There

How to Get There

Means of Travel

We give you the differnet options to visit and explore Kenya. Be it by road, air, SGR or water ways

Where to stay

Where to stay

Accomodation Types

From camping in the wild to five star hotel accomodation, we provide them all for you here


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