The 6th Annual Devolution Conference

Over the last six years, both the National Government and the 47 County Governments have held annual conferences to engage with Kenyans and show them how devolution is being implemented.

The 6th Annual Devolution Conference will build up from the last year’s meet and allow the Government and its key stakeholders to discuss what they have been able to deliver, the transformation over the last one year and to measure the progress made in the Big Four Agenda: Trade and Manufacturing; Agriculture; Health; Affordable Housing and Infrastructure.

THEME: Deliver. Transform. Measure. Remaining Accountable

DevCon Programme  

The Big Four Agendas to be discussed under the following themes:
Trade and Manufacturing
Expansion of the manufacturing sector with an aim to promote value addition to products, whilst creating employment opportunities for the country’s working-age population, by 2022


100% Food and Nutrition Security commitment – encourage large-scale commercial farming to increase and diversify the staples in the country through irrigation and other technologies.

Affordable Housing

The Affordable and housing sector will focus on addressing issues that will lead towards affordable & innovation practices in the provision of housing and infrastructure development in attainment of sustainable development


The health sector will focus on Universal Health Care (UHC) coverage addressing the following targets: Role of primary Health Care in accelerating implementation of UHC, efficiency in utilizing health resources, managing human resource for health in delivering UHC and health financing for sustainable UHC.

Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation side event will focus on improving water governance for expanded investments,actualizing a financially viable water and sanitation sector and set targets, commitments, responsibilities for effective and efficient delivery of water and sanitation towards achieving Kenya’s goal of 100% water coverage by 2030.

Water & Sanitation Programme