Marsabit County number 010 which sits at the northern peak  of Kenya, shares over 500Kms of border with Ethiopia to the North and North East, Wajir County to the East, Isiolo County to the South East, Samburu County to the South and South West and Lake Turkana to the West and North West.

Administrative units:

The County is divided into seven (7) sub-counties.


Its capital, the seat of the County Government is Marsabit town, situated on the Nairobi-Addis Ababa highway. It borders the Marsabit National Park and is situated 270Kms north of Isiolo town, with most trading and urban centers within the county ranging from 60Kms to over 300Kms from Marsabit town. It sits at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level.


It covers an area of 70,961.3Km2.


According to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census the population was 291,166 with a population density of 4 people per Km2 and an annual growth rate of 2.8%. Age Distribution was 0-14 years 47%, 15-64 years 49% and over 65 years 4%.


Temperatures range from a minimum of 10.1°C to a maximum of 30.2°C, with an annual average of 20.1°C. Rainfall ranges between 200mm and 1,000mm per annum.

Road network:

The total length of all classified roads in the county is 2,431Km with gravel surface covering 397Km and 2,034Km being surface.

Education and Literacy:

It has 126 primary schools with an enrolment of 40,332 pupils and a teacher pupil ratio of 1:54. There are 16 secondary schools with a total enrolment of 1,101 and a teacher pupil ratio of 1: 50.

There are two tertiary institutions in the County.

Financial services:

There are 2 commercial banks in the County and 1 micro-finance institution.   


There are a total of 51 health facilities spread across the county. The county has 1 District Hospital, 34 Dispensaries, 6 Health Centres, 8 Medical Clinics and 2 private facilities. The doctor/population ratio in the county is 1: 63,825.

Prevalent Diseases: malaria, intestinal worms, diseases of the respiratory tract, diarrhoea.

 Notable Hospital: Marsabit District Hospital.

Tourist attractions:

Marsabit National Park is home to countless wildlife species ranging from tens of bird species, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, baboons, antelopes, spotted hyenas and many others. The park hosts Mount Marsabit tropical rainforest, a rare scenic feature. It is surrounded by semi desert and desert conditions and houses two crater lakes; Lake Paradise and Lake Sokorte. It is the only source of drinking water for Marsabit town residents and the main source of replenishment for other aquifers in the lowlands.

Others are Sibiloi National Park home of Koobi Fora, world renowned cradle of mankind and South Island National Park.


Major economic activities are livestock rearing and cross border trade. Marsabit is a popular trading point between Kenya and Ethiopia facilitating supply and movement of goods and services through Moyale town.

Crops cultivated are maize, beans, wheat, pulses, fruits and miraa.

Other economic activities are trade in livestock, sand harvesting, mining of stone, salt and gems and precious stones and small scale trading.


With the adoption of the new constitution in 2010 which ushered in the devolved system of governance, the Governor is the Executive authority in the County together with his deputy, the Senator is to represent the County at the Senate and through affirmation of women and youth rights, the Woman Representative is to represent the County’s women and youth issues at the National Assembly.

GOVERNOR                                       :           MOHAMUD MOHAMED ALI

DEPUTY GOVERNOR                       :           SOLOMON GUBO RIWE

SENATOR                                           :           GODANA HARGURA


Marsabit County has four (4) constituencies which are divided into 20 electoral wards. Moyale has the highest number of wards with 7, North Horr and Lasamis have 5 each and Saku have three.

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