The major attractions in the County are the Isiolo Big five (Grevy Zebra, Oryx, Somali Ostrich, Lion and the reticulated giraffe). The Isiolo Big Five are found in the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve bordering Samburu Game Reserve, Shaba Game Reserve and Bisnadi Game Reserve near Meru Game Reserve and Lewa Conservancy. These game reserves are part of the tourist circuit that spans Masai Mara, Samburu-Isiolo, Lewa and Mt Kenya. They house; The Sarova Lodge, Simba Lodge and Bisinadi Lodges.

Expectations are high about Isiolo County.  Isiolo sits at the centre of Kenya and is characterised by beautiful hills, valleys, acacia trees and savannah grasslands.

Isiolo Resort City

The Isiolo resort city by design sits between two hills on the Kipsing Gap and is modelled to have a wonderful coexistence with nature with a golf course and tourist villages in its midst. The city will border an artificial lake, Lewa Conservancy, the Samburu Game reserve and Isiolo old town.

The realization and implementation of the Isiolo Resort City was initiated three years ago by the former president of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki when he officially launched the construction of the Isiolo International Airport and later the LAPSSET(Lamu Port Southern Sudan Ethiopia Transport) Corridor project.

Artistic impression of the falls in the Isiolo Resort City

Artistic impression of the falls in the Isiolo Resort City

Among the highlights of the Isiolo County are the Isiolo resort city, the Lamu-Isiolo-Juba and Nairobi-Isiolo-Ethiopia superhighways, Isiolo International Airport, Isiolo artificial lake, the Isiolo film industry and Isiolo tourist villages. The massive artificial lake will be a wonderful sight to behold with fishing and boat racing as the main tourist attractions. The lake waters will irrigate the semi-arid land into green orchards and forests.

Other attractions are:

  • Buffalo Springs Game Reserve
  • Shaba Game Reserve
  • Bisnadi Game Reserve


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