Kenya is famous, above all else, for its incredible wildlife. From Sibiloi National Park on the shores of Lake Turkana to Maasai Mara on the border with Tanzania, Kenya is dotted with National Parks and Game Reserves.

Kenya has 480 kilometres of coastline on the Indian Ocean consisting of white sandy beaches and numerous islands including Kiwayu, Pate, Manda, Lamu, Mombasa, Chale, Funzi and Wasini. Her coral reefs are spectacular, and are regarded by divers as one of the world’s top three diving destinations after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea.

With all these goodies that Mother Nature has blessed Kenya with; a majority of Kenyans only get to hear of them through the media. Actually, most Kenyans believe these are to be enjoyed by tourists and spend their pastime in nyama choma joints and entertainment spots.

This blog is set to change all that. We will showcase these smart destinations, how to get there, where to stay from the five star accommodation, budget hotels, home stays and camping.

Some of our major programs include:

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and is the second foreign exchange earner for Kenya. Being a people-oriented industry, tourism provides employment to many and is a major source of income for several industries.

In this regard, we promote responsible and sustainable tourism, which will empower and uplift the local people while helping to protect and conserve the often fragile environments on which so much of Kenyan and African tourism depends on.

Destination Marketing

We market individual tourist destinations because each destination is unique. We maximize a tourism destination’s value by building partnerships and combining marketing efforts into one coherent voice through a collective process. Our partnership approach brings together all stakeholders with a common interest in promoting the destination. We work with the National Governments, County Governments, Hospitality Industry, Tour operators, Tour Guides, Local Community as well as International Travel Organizations with a vested interest in promoting and selling the destination to clients.

Home Stays

Homestays is a unique hospitality system in which the tourist stays with the family as a member of the family. It aims at equipping the tourist with the knowledge of the hosts’ way of life and gets involved in the day to day activities of the host family. The tourist gets to learn the host’s culture, local food and practices such as farming, grazing, feeding livestock, folk arts, sports and entertainment.