In Bungoma County, it is the historical sites, the scenic hills and rivers dotted with interesting waterfalls that make it a superb destination.

Attractions in the County include; Mt Elgon National Park with its caves and waterfalls, Mt. Elgon Forest Reserve, Chepkitale Forest, Malakisi Falls, Sang’alo, Musikoma and Kabuchai scenic Hills, caves at Kitum, Machingeny, Ngwarishwa, Chepnyali and Kiptoro.

Mt. Elgon National Park

Chetambe’s Fort Ruins

This was the site of the 1895 massacre, in which almost 500 people were killed by the British troops. Chetambe Ifile, a Tachoni warrior, built the fort on the hill from where he mobilised his troops to resist the colonial rule, The fort is built behind a protective 12-foot defensive ditch. Mr. Nelson Kakai, a great-grandson of Ifile has preserved the fort, built behind a protective 12 foot defensive ditch.

Nabuyole Falls

One kilometer from Chetambe’s falls, you will find Nabuyole Falls on the River Nzoia. Tourists troop here to watch the water cascade from a height of seven-metres to the rocks below. The waterfall starts as River Nzoia then breaks up into seven smaller rivers with fast flowing water. All the seven river branches join again downstream to form Nabuyole waterfall. Folklore has it that the waterfall has a powerful force that will pull you down towards the basin if you go near the it.

Kitum Caves

The Kitum cave is found on Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano and the cave itself developed as the result of cooling volcanic rock. The cave which extends some 600 feet into the mountain has walls covered in salt.

Each night, buffaloes, antelope, leopards, hyenas, and elephants tumble blindly through the cave in the dead of night to use it as a giant salt lick.

As the elephants make their way through the salty walls of the cave, they scrape and pull off chunks of the walls to crush and lick up the salt using their massive tusks. Over the centuries this has resulted in a noticeable increase in the size of the cave and walls covered in tusk marks. The trip to the cave is not without dangers and there is a deep crevasse into which many younger, more inexperienced elephants have fallen leaving behind an elephant graveyard.

Sang’alo Hills

Most people will tell you that the Sang’alo twin peaks are like the gap in a person’s front teeth, with one peak appearing to clutch a huge rock that looks as if it is about to fall.

Kakapel Museum

Situated at the Chelemuk hills, it has prehistoric rock art dating more than 4,000 years. The ancient rock art depicts wild animals, rainmaking and initiation symbols and the site is currently managed by Trust for African Rock Art and the National Museums of Kenya.

Rev Elijah Masinde, he of the famed Dini ya Msambwa church.

In his hometown Maeni, is a mausoleum in his remembrance. Masinde’s sect was opposed to white rule. For three years hid from British soldiers in a secret bunker that is now a popular crowd puller.

Others are:

  • Chepkitale Forest
  • Malakisi Falls
  • Ngwarisha Cave
  • Kiptoro Cave
  •  Kabuchai Hill
  • Buteyo Miti Park – An environmental gem which is an indigenous forest undertaking, which has attracted international recognition, and interest from environmentalists.


Some of the noteworthy hotels are:

  • Tourist Hotel Bungoma,
  • Hotel Rosswood and
  • Bungoma Countryside Hotel.

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