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Bomet County

Bomet County number 036 is located in The Great Rift Valley and borders Kericho County to the North and North East, Nakuru County to the East, Narok County to the South East, South, and South West, and Nyamira County to the North West.


Its capital and largest town is Bomet town. Other major towns are Sotik Town, Longisa and Mulot.


According to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census the population has a population of 730,129 with a population density of 367 people per Km2 and an annual growth rate of 2.7%.  Age Distribution was 0-14 years 47.0%, 15-64 years 49.7% and 65+ years 3.3%.

Tourist Attractions

It is a key route to the world reknown Maasai Mara game reserve in the neighbouring Narok County. Locals sell traditional ornaments to the tourists along the road.


Temperatures average 180C monthly and rainfall ranges between 1100mm to 1500mm per annum.

Road networks

The total road network is521.6 Km with Bitumen Surface covering 169.9 Km, Gravel Surface 73Km and the rest is Earth Surface.

Education and Literacy

As at 2007, the County had 479 Primary schools with an enrolment of 116,868 pupils and a teacher to pupil ratio of 1:49 and 96 Secondary schools with an enrolment of 18,876 pupils and a teacher to pupil ratio of 1:33.

Tertiary institutions in the county are 2 Satellite University Campuses, a Medical Training College, a National Polytechnic, 2 Teacher Training Colleges and Commercial Colleges.

Financial Services

It has 8 Commercial Banks and 5 Micro-Finance Institutions.   


Bomet County has 78 health facilities with 2 District Hospitals, 1 Sub-District Hospital, 61 Dispensaries, 10 Health Centres, 1 Medical Clinic, a VCT centre and 1 privately owned institution.

Notable health facilities are the Longisa and Ndanai District Hospitals.

The most prevalent diseases in the county are Malaria, Respiratory Tract Infections, Skin Diseases

Political Leadership

With the adoption of the new constitution in 2010 and subsequent elections of 2013 which ushered in the devolved system of governance, the County elected its first Governor who is the Executive authority in the County and his deputy, its first Senator to represent the County at the Senate and through affirmation of women and youth rights, the first Woman Representative to represent the County’s women and youth issues at the National Assembly.





Bomet County has five (5) constituencies and 25 electoral wards. The five Constituencies; Sotik, Chepalungu, Bomet East, Bomet Central and Konoin have five wards each.


Agriculture is the mainstay of Bomet County with Tea being the major income generator for Bomet residents. The dairy industry is the other major revenue earner contributing a large chunk of the household incomes boosted by a milk factory in Sotik town and several milk cooling plants spread across the county.

Other crops cultivated in the area include Maize, which is the County’s staple food, Beans, Irish potatoes, Millet, Cabbages, Onions, Bananas and Pineapples. These are grown for subsistence and commercial purposes with avocado, passion fruits, fish farming and poultry rearing being adopted as commercial farming activities in the County.

The county is endowed with natural resources such as forests, pastures, rivers, wildlife, arable land, diatomite and stone quarries. The high altitude and the rainfall prevalent most of the year has predisposed it to favourable climatic conditions which allows agriculture to flourish.

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